Saturday, May 20, 2017

Craft Room Tour Part 2 for 2017

Here are the second video and post about my favorite space.  I work and craft here for fun almost on a daily basis.  View my many cheap or frugal organization systems I use for my art and craft supplies.

Get some ideas for your own space. I started off with a zero "0" budget and got to this point with perseverance, patience and a lot of hard work.  Mind you, I do work in the Crafts and Hobby Industry, and I do get a lot of supplies given to me.  However, before that happened I had to be very creative so I could get any supplies or tools.  I do know very well, what it means to make do with very little.  I also know that you do not need to own a lot of supplies to make great art or create fabulous crafts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I so appreciate all comments.

Thank you very much for stopping by, and for your continued support.

Friday, May 19, 2017

My Studio and Craft Room

Tour the space where I create, play, and work almost every day. View my many organizing systems, and get some ideas for your own area.  You can view a series of videos on Youtube that I am working on, and I will be adding more information over here on the blog.

Today, I have Part 1 of the series:

This week I talk mostly about some of my Fabric Storage systems as well.  I will include links to some of the products that are available still.  These are affiliate links and if you click on them AND make a purchase I will receive a small commission.   Thank you.


Shop Dollar Tree for all of your storage needs (For US only)

Dollar Tree Storage Plastic Slotted Baskets
Dollar Tree Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids
Dollar Tree Collapsible Storage bins (similar but smaller than above)
Clear Plastic Storage Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders For US onlyIntroducing FREE 2-Day Shipping at!

Learn how I used these Organizers to build my Cutting/crafting table here:

Make a Cutting Table

How to make a fantastic Fabric Cutting or Crafting Table on the cheap!
**I am including affiliate links in my post, so if you click on them to purchase anything from those sites, please know that I get a small commission.**

It all began with four "ClosetMaid" Cube Organizers from Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders

Next came the assembly:

The setup plan:

Putting it all together:

Topping off the bookcases with a 4'x 8', one inch thick, white melamine board from my local hardware store (Pont Masson) that overcharged for delivery!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mod Podge a Fabric Bowl and Banner

Make your own bowls and sturdy banners out of fabric with the help of Mod Podge®.  Today, I am sharing my project which I made as part of the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Blog Hop, where we are honoring Mod Podge's 50 Years!  We are all celebrating this product and the company for its long-standing presence in the Arts and Crafts industry. Visit the Plaid site or more information regarding their wide range of products here.   ****Enter to win prizes, For Us and Canada only****

Did you know that Mod Podge® works with Fabrics?   Well, now you do.  I was excited to receive these products from Plaid®. the Stiffy® product was new to me, but very exciting as I had never tried it before.  I am already familiar with most of Plaid's products, and I have loved using ALL their Mod Podge® formulas over the years.

To make a fabric bowl here is what you need:

Fabric (mine is from Nancy's Notions)
"Stiffy®" Fabric Stiffener from Plaid®
Thread (optional)                                                            
Sewing machine, or Serger/Overlock (optional)

                                                                       Link to video

1.  Select a piece of fabric, cut into a square, taking into consideration the size of the bowl you would like.

2. Cut the fabric into a circle.  There are many ways to do this.  I chose to use the Fiskars® Fabric Circle cutter tool (from Nancy's Notions®).  You can achieve similar results by using any plate or circle template, a pencil and scissors.

3,  I chose to make a rolled hem edge around the circle with myAmerican Home Serger (Nancy'sNotions®).  This is optional, and similar results can be achieved with the zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine.  You may also just use pinking shears, or leave the edges as is.

4. Soak, or coat the fabric with the "Stiffy®".  Lay the circle over a form to allow it to harden into the shape desired.  Let dry over night.

To make the Banner here is what you need:
Pieces of denim
Pieces of print fabric
Pieces of a solid and contrasting colored fabric
Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates by Plaid®
Mod Podge® Matte by Plaid®
Mod Podge® Decoupage Brushes (Plaid®)
6 metal eyelets
Kitchen string

1. Place the scallop banner piece from the Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates.

2.  Place the letter Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates over the solid color fabric, and repeat.

3.  Measure rectangular pieces that will fit onto the denim pieces.

4.  Adhere the solid letters to the print pieces by brushing some Matte Mod Podge® to both fabrics, and stick together.

5.  Adhere the rectangles to each Denim Banner piece.

6.  Set two metal eyelets per banner.

7.  String the kitchen twine through the eyelets. Hang to decorate.

Remember to check out all of the beautiful and creative projects made by this most talented group.
Let us know what you will "Mod Podge"? Thank you so much for stopping by.


Monday, May 1, 2017

SNAP Conference 2017

Over a week ago I attended SNAP, a busy and fun conference for Bloggers  I had a great time seeing my old friends, making new ones, and learning new things.

Fellow AFCI Designer and SNAP attendee Cindy deRosier has such a great post on the conference here (  Check it out!

I arrived at SNAP one day before the event began, as I had a better choice of flights.  I was able to fly from Ottawa to Toronto, Canada with only a two-hour layover before my next flight to Salt Lake City.

My welcome at the Little America Hotel was pleasant as per last year, and I had a lovely room.  The next day the sun was shining after the night's rain, and I took a nice walk around the area.  I was so pleased to notice all the lovely flowers in the gardens, the green grass, and the trees full of leaves.  After all, Ottawa had just come out of winter, and we were all starving for that spring sunshine!

At noon I met up with fellow Cricut Bloggers/Brand Ambassadors to help with the booth's set up.  I got the noble task of unpacking and plugging all the shiny new Cricut machines.  Afterward,  I sewed, and sewed, and sewed hundreds of paper diamond banners for the backdrop of the booth (Thanks to Baby Lock and Nancy's Notions).  I still see those paper die cuts in my sleep!!!  LOL.

Later that evening, there was a Get Together of the Utah Sewing Bloggers at the Maker Space just outside Salt Lake City.   The event was organized by
Kimberly Parrett Coffin  from,  and sponsored by:

 Cricut™ and Canon were also there with fun Make n Takes.

There were refreshments, too many treats, gift bags, and prizes.  One of those prizes was won by yours truly!

I see my trip to SNAP as my second most expensive marketing investment after attending Creativation.  However, two years in a row,  I have personally found the return to be greater.  Each event is unique, and I cannot compare them adequately, AFCI events are more Trade and Industry concentrated, while SNAP is about Bloggers and Digital Content Creators.  SNAP is also, about Creative Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle Influencers (Cooking, Creating, Party Planning).

I attended "The Secrets of successful Brand Relationships" with Whitney Curtis of Home Depot, Cooper Monroe of Motherhood, and Karen Nolan of Lego.

Later I brushed up on my crochet skills with Bethany Dearden.  The next day I learned "How to Sew a Rag Quilt" with Nicole Schneider from Nancy's Notions.  I also won a New Serger from Baby Lock!
I enjoyed the first quilting class so much I attended the "T-shirts Quilts Made Easy" with Donna Parker also from Nancy's Notions.  On the last day I attended two more sewing classes: "Sewing Doll Clothes with Quick-Trace Templates", and "Turn Doodle Sketches Into Works of Art."

In between learning sessions I met with all of the sponsors as I visited their booths and participated in all their projects, or Make n Takes.

The sponsors of Snap included: Rust-Oleum, Spellbinders, Wagner, LEGO,Fresh Books, Darice, Canon, DecoArt, FloraCraft, Sherwin Williams, Cricut, Adobe, Nancy's Notions', Plaid, Polaroid,, Silhouette, Simplicity, Sizzix, The Motherhood, thermoweb, Kraft, Charmed, Cents of Style, DMC, Zaycon, adThrive, Michaels, Ryobi Nation, Expressions Vinyl, Get Away Today, Close tomyHeart, Oriental Trading, Swig, Amy Robinson, Timeless Treasures, Authentic Denim, OLFA, Wilmington Batiks, Ontrend, Lindt, Tailor, Clover.

I hope to share more projects that were influenced by all that  I learned while at SNAP in the future.  Stay tuned to my Blog and YouTube, for more.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pinwheels for Spring with Rinea Foil

Rinea® paper-foil is a dream product to use when I want to make pinwheels.  These colourful spinners just make me feel like Spring! For this month's Designers Crafts Connection Blog hop I made a few spinning pinwheels.

"Rinea® paper-foil is a specialty craft paper imported from Germany. It is made up of a thin sheet of paper sandwiched between two layers of thin aluminum foil - the paper gives it sturdiness and stiffness while the foil gives it the shininess and the malleability to maintain the shape however you bend or fold it. It is more than just origami paper due to the specific thickness and the quality of the foil used, making it ideal for many interesting crafting ideas. The paper does not wrinkle like foil and does not cause painful cuts like thick, sharp kitchen foil can."

For more information go to

Ever since I have been a little girl, I have loved those bright shiny spinners.
Now, I can make them any size, and colour whenever I want.  I work with some terrific companies such as Rinea® paper-foil that enables me to play with excellent supplies.  In today's post, I am combining my love of shiny things and some of my favourite tools.

Rinea® paper-foil is so easy to work with and versatile.  Did you know that you can even die cut the Rinea® paper-foil with an electronic die cutting machine?

 I used my beloved Cricut and a blue sticky mat which is intended for thinner materials just like the Rinea® paper-foil.  It is a safe way to stick, cut, and peel your work.  Using some other types of mats might rip the foil, and nobody wants that!

So here we go. First, I went to the Cricut website where I opened the Cricut Design Space™, and searched for a pinwheel, Make It Now project.  Once I found what I wanted, I selected and clicked Make It Now.  All I had to do was stick my chosen foils by Rinea® onto the blue mat (which is less sticky than the green or lilac mats). I then followed the instructions as explained in the Cricut Design Space™ instructions.

I chose the blue with gold, and the Green with gold foils to do the project.  The Cricut cut the foil precisely into squares and then made cut lines to create the pins of each wheel.

With an awl, I pierced holes into each paper straw.

The next thing to do, was to fold each square by matching the corners where the holes are, and towards the center.

With a small brad, I secured each foil pinwheel to each straw.  So quick, so fun, and so so easy!  Try it, you just might love it.

Remember, check out all the project ideas from the other Designers at the Designer Crafts Connection. Also, visit for more information.

Thank you for stopping by, and stay crafty!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Fever

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 
                                                              Shutterstock Image

Spring is apparently here, and I have a fever! Although, in our area, we have doubts considering how cold it has been, and that we still have a lot of snow left on the ground.  Nonetheless, we are all itching to get outside and enjoy the longer days filled with the sunshine.

To get ready for Spring Time Events, and even early summer times.  We are cleaning, purging, sprucing up our homes.  We also are planning about how we want to relax and have fun during those long weekends.

Fortunately, with stores like Dollar Tree, it is more affordable to pull off our outside shenanigans.  And, if you have a US address then you can even shop online!

If I could order things from the Dollar tree, to have delivered to my home to help me with all our plans and prepping, here is a sampling of what I would get.

Pink Plastic Flamingos at Pink Flamingoes by the case!  I did say I have a Spring Fever!  Really!  We would certainly be the talk of the neighborhood if we planted those pink birds out on our front yard.  Ok, maybe only temporarily like to announce a garage sale or celebrate something.  But, how fun would that be?

For the kiddos, it would be great to order, EZBreezy Licensed Character Kites at They can have fun for cheap, and the parents can use the extra change for....

Royal Norfolk Paisley Print Stoneware Plates at These are just a few of my fun ideas I came up with.  Please share your own Spring Fever ideas in the comments below.

In an upcoming video, I will be sharing a tour of my Craft Room/Studio.  But first I have to clean!
Shutterstock Image